Top level folder for Files

Seabase 2021

This is a copy of the communications sent about Seabase 2021.

Welcome to Troop 80

Files needed to get started with Troop 80.

Troop 80 FAQ

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about how Scouting works at Troop 80

Troop Guidelines & Parent Code of Conduct

These are our committee approved Troop Guidelines and Adult Code of Conduct. These guidelines and code of conduct will guide us on nearly all events and incidents that occur within Troop 80.

Merit Badge Information Spreadsheets last updated Oct 2020

Not sure who to ask email the scoutmaster. Email

Boy Scout Reference Documents

Documents collected by members of Troop 80 to guide and assist with our troop.

Camp Outs/Backpacking/Hiking Information

Planning, Forms, Packing Checklists


Descriptions and details of Troop 80 Ceremonies.

Cooking & Meal Planning

Files that help Troop 80 cooking outdoors, over fires and meal plan. GRUB MASTER TIPS

Eagle Scout Information

Information on the rank of Eagle Scout, the ceremony and including a Trail to Eagle powerpoint.

Hiking and Backpacking

Supporting files for the hiking and backpacking program

Patrol Leader Info

All the newsletters and info that should be in the Patrol Leaders Binder and that scouts might need from the Patrol leader

Patrol Method

Details and ideas on the Patrol Method for Troop 80.


Troop 80 Attendance
There are currently no items in this folder.